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                      InVision Counseling Services, LLC
                      Kimberly M. Ewing, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
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We live in a time when everything is moving and changing very quickly.

It may seem that we can’t afford to slow down, check in, and listen to our lives. But, there can come a time when things begin to fall apart; habits we used to swear by no longer work. We might have a vague sense that it is time to change. At these times, we will need to discern whether or not the life we are living is by choice, or by default and habit, then decide what to do about it.

Sometimes, it helps to talk with someone.  A skilled counselor who you feel comfortable with can provide the support, guidance, and new skills you need.

If you are ready to envision a new path for your life,
InVision Counseling Services might be just the place for you.
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