This Is Your Life

Life is Always happening, even when what is going on isn’t what we’d like it to be. So how do you Want to experience and express your life?

What is MINE to do?

The key is to center yourself on identifying what you can do in your everyday life, your walk, that can be your individual contribution...

The Fear of Opening Up Again

We are facing the next, inevitable phase of this to open up again after you have closed yourself off.

Finding peace where you are

Then, it finally occurred to me. I needed more space and time away from doing work...after work! I needed more moments of peace.

Resist Not

It seems that every other day there is a new level of restriction.  Each one challenges us to alter how we live our lives a bit more. ...

Learner's Mind

I am being challenged to do things differently; we all are. I must keep reminding's learner's mind.

Challenging My Stories

"...this is just fine and I'm managing all of it quite well!"